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Eila Minkkinen





Eila Minkkinen has had a long career as a sculptor and silversmith working with various metals. Her sculpture and jewelry are found in many art museums and private collections in Finland and abroad:  the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris exhibits one of her brooches.  Two of her metal reliefs belong to the EC Court of Justice of the European Communities´ art collection in Luxembourg. Some of her larger metal reliefs and sculptures can be found in many public spaces in Finland.


Throughout her career Eila MInkkinen has  been interested in glass as a material and as a form of art. In 2013 she began collaborating with master glass blowers, experimenting with inserting  cut out metal shapes (figurines) into molten glass blown objects. The results were most successful. Now Eila Minkkinen´s  familiar gold, silver and copper – both human and animal – motifs from her jewelry collections form part of her colourful glass sculptures.


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Eila Minkkinen

Silver smith, Sculptor

Vanhankirkonkatu 20, FIN - 26100 RAUMA
Phone: + 358 50-5720916



The Association of Finnish Sculptors, Ornamo, Arte ry, Helsinki artists associationRauma artists association





1960-64 Eveningschool of Applied Arts, Helsinki

1962-65 Apprentice in a goldsmith's workshop

1965-69 Academy of Applied Arts, faculty of metal art

1969 Licensed silver smith1969 Free artist1970-80 Freelance jewellery designer for industry

1972-79 Teacher at the training center of the Academy of Applied Arts 





The State of FinlandMuseum of Applied Arts, Helsinki

Museè Arts Decoratifs, Paris (Louvre)Court of Justice of the European Communities

Iparmüvészet Múzeum, Budapest

Province de Liège, Belgium

Rauma Art Museum, Rauma

Jyväskylä Art Museum, JyväskyläPori Art Museum, Pori

Lönnström Art Museum, RaumaLahti Historical Museum, Lahti

Sampo-Bank CollectionRauma, Pori, Kotka, Jyväskylä, Harjavalta,Äänekoski town collection etc.

Lars and Helena Pahlman´s private collection

Taideyhdistys ry´s collection

Several banks and private persons





Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma

Kaunisjärven Old people´s home, Rauma

Metsä-Rauma pulp-mill, RaumaUPM- Kymmene papermill, Rauma

Institute of Commercial training, Rauma

Finnish Foreign Trade Association, Helsinki Finnish Employers' Association, Helsinki

Vaasa swedish school of Economic, Vaasa

Rovaniemi University, Rovaniemi

State Office Building, Turku

Kemira Agro, Harjavalta

Outokumpu Copper, Pori

Institute of Nursing, Rauma

Oras Oy, Rauma

Mikrolli Oy, Rauma Forchem Oy, Rauma

Harjavalta City Education Center, Harjavalta

Public swimming pool, Rauma Public library, main building, Rauma

Ministry of education, Helsinki 

Rauma town hall Nordea bank, Tapiola, Espoo

Mäntykangas school, Kokkola





1971 Taidesalongin kellari, Helsinki, Finland

1980 Artisaani, Helsinki, Finland 

1982 Brahen Galleria, Turku, Finland

1982 Ässä Galleria, Helsinki, Finland

1983 Galleria Metallum, Stockholm, Sweden

1984 Artisaani,Helsinki,Finland 

1985 Poriginal Galleria, Pori, Finland

1986 Galleria 585, Helsinki, Finland

1986 Galleria Strindberg, Helsinki, Finland

1989 Galleria Brinkkala, Turku, Finland

1989 Galleria Saskia, Tampere, Finland

1990 Galleria 25, Helsinki, Finland

1990 Galleria Sirius, Jyväskylä, Finland

1990 Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, Finland

1991 Galleria Uusikuva, Kotka, Finland

1992 Finnish Glas Museum, Riihimäki, Finland

1992 Kouvola Art Museum, Kouvola, Finland

1993 Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland

1994 Poriginal Galleria, Pori, Finland

1995 Oulu Youth and Culture Center, Oulu, Finland

1995 Järvenpäähouse, Järvenpää, Finland

1997 Galleria Räikkälä, Kankaanpää, Finland

2001 Lönnström Art Museum Studio, Finland 

2003 Pori Art Museum, project room 

2003 Porvoo Art Hall 

2003 Malmitalo Galleria, Helsinki

2004 Sanoma House, Helsinki

2005 Adamson-Ericu Museum, Tallinn

2005 Galleria Joella, Turku

2005 Galleria Becker, Jyväskylä

2005 Retrospectiv 1962-2005, Designmuseum, Helsinki

2010 Harri Art Centrum, Alavus

2011 Facebook in metal, Helsinki Main Library

2011 Poriginal Gallery, Pori

2011 Äänekoski Art Museum, Äänekoski

2014 Vuojoki Mansion, Eurajoki

2015 Retrospective, Rauma art museum





1969 "New Jewellery", Finnish Design Center, Helsinki

1972 "Young Artists' Exhibition", Art Hall, Helsinki

1973 "Ornamo's exhibition of Applied Arts", Amos Anderson, Art Museum, Helsinki

1974 Invitation exhibition of Applied Arts, Tampere Art Museum, Tampere

1975 "Finnish Association of Applied Arts 100 Years Jubilee Exhibition", Ateneum, Helsinki

1976 "Ceramics and Jewellery", with R. Tulonen, Hyvinkään Taidetalo, Hyvinkää (and 1977 Hvitträsk, Kirkkonummi)

1978 "New and Unique", Kluuvin Galleria, Helsinki

1980 "Finnish Design I", Museum of Applied Arts, Helsinki

1981 "Finnish Design II", Museum of Applied Arts, Helsinki

1981 "Living metal I", Museum of Applied Arts, Helsinki

1981 "Ars Rauma '81", invitation exhibition of applied arts, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma

1981 Rauma Artists' Association's annual exhibition, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma (and 1983,-88,-89,-93,-95,-96)1982 "Finnish Design II",

         Joensuu Art Museum, Joensuu

1982 "Visual Arts from Satakunta", Rauma Art Museum, Rauma

1983 Helsinki Craftsmens Cooperative, Helsinki

1983 "Finnish Design III", Museum of Applied Arts, Helsinki (and Kuopio Art Museum)

1984 "Living metal II", Museum of Applied Arts, Helsinki

1985 "Finnish Design IV", Museum of Applied Arts, Helsinki,

1985 "New Harvest", invitation exhibition, Pori Art Museum, Pori

1985 Rauma Biennale Balticum - Contemporary Art from the Baltic Sea Region, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma

1986 "Finland is Daydreaming", Ornamo's exhibition of Applied Arts, Helsinki Art Hall, Helsinki

1986 Turku and Pori Province Regional Exhibition, Karvatti, Naantali

1987 "Light and Matter", Helsinki City Art Museum, Helsinki

1987 "Zeitgenössisches deutsches und finnisches Kunsthandwerk", 4. Triennale, Museum of Applied Arts, Helsinki

1987 Rauma Artists' Association, Taidekeskus Mältinranta, Tampere (and the gallery of Turku Artists' Association, Turku)

1987 "Finnish Design", exhibition of applied arts, Tampere Art Museum 

1988 "Rauman Taulu ja Patsas", Seinäjoki Art hall, Seinäjoki (and Hyvinkää Art Museum; Rauma Art Museum)

1988 Rauma Artists' Association, Poriginal Galleria, Pori

1989 "Finnstation", installation, Finlaysonin kehräämö, Pori

1989 "Sacrificial Grove", groupwork, Muu ry's summer exhibition Billnäs, Pohja Commune

1989 "Cosmic Secon-Hand Shop", Turku Cultural Centre, installation in metal (and Galleria Saskia, Tampere)

1989 "Expensive Living", groupwork, Galleria Kriittinen Tila, Helsinki

1989 Turku and Pori Province Regional exhibition, Pori Art Museum, Pori

1989 "Inside - Outside", Ornamo's exhibition of applied arts, Kluuvin Galleria,Helsinki

1990 "Raumakuuskajaskariluonaistuulta14m/s", Turku and Pori Province applied arts exhibition, Rauman Art Museum, Rauma

1990 Finnish Design, Museum of Applied Arts, Helsinki

1990 "Stolen Kiss", groupwork, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma

1990 "House of Dreams", installation, Vaasa Theater Summer

1990 Rauma Art Museum 20 years jubilee, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma

1991 "Banquet as a Matter of Form", Turku Cultural Centre

1991 "Yökköjen Yö", earth installation, Rauma Art Museum

1993 "Materia", Taidekäsityöläiset Taiko ry's 10 years jubilee exhibition, Helsinki Art Hall, Helsinki

1993 "A dead fish does not swim", Galleria Wanha Tasala, the shack at the backyard. Joint venture with the Rauma Artists' Association and the

         Hungarian MAMÜ group in the project "Eleven hal uszkal viz alatt" at Galleria Wanha Tasala, Rauma

1994 "Heinäkuuryhmä", Täky Galleria, Lappeenranta

1994 Womens' Forum 94, Brinkkalan galleria, Turku

1994 Turku Artists' Association 70-year jubilée-exhibition, Turku Art Museum, Turku

1994 Rauma Artists' Association, Emil Cedercreutz Museum, Harjavalta

1995 "Ars Karhulinna 95", Satakunta province exhibition, Pori

1995 Rauma Artists'Assosiation 50-year jubilee-exhibition

1995 "Mänttä Visual Arts Weeks", Mänttä, Finland

1995 "Arteological Findings", Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova, Turku, Nordic Art Center, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

1996 "Escapade", Rauma Artists' Association, Turku Cultural Centre, Turku

1996 The Bridge", Rauma Artists' Association and the Ostrobothnian Artists Union, Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma

1996 "Woman as an Artist", computer junk jewellery and earth installation"Milk of mother earth", Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma

1997 "Whipped cream" Turku and Pori Providence Regional Exhibition in Rauma Art Museum, Lönnström Art Museum, Aland and Nortälje Art

         Museums, Sweden

1998 "Turku Biennale" Ars Nova Museum, Turku

1998 Alpo Jaakolas sculpture park, Loimaa 

1999 "InDoor - OutDoor" exhibition, Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma

1999 "23 Sculptors" in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

2000 "häh" Art happening in Lahti2001 "Metals" group exhibition, Fiskars

2001 "Finnish Jewellery 3", Porvoo, Mikkeli and Kuopio

2001 Turku Artists Association 75-year jubilee-exhibition Just Gallery, Turku

2001 "Neljän tuulen tiellä" group exhibition in Salo Art Museum

2002 "miniAtyyri" group exhibition, Galleria G, Huittinen and Ars Nova Museum, Turku

2003 "Virtaa" Uusimaa province group exhibition, Porvoo 

2004 "Ars Rauma" four Rauma artist in Rauma Art museum 

2005 "Sata palaa" 100 artist from Satakunta, Lönnström Art museum, Rauma

2005 " Metal Art in Leineperi" Leineperis historical ironnworks, Ulvila 

2005 " Sculptors

2005" sculptors association 95- years jubilee exhbition, Salo Art museum

2005 "INTOhimoisesti" artists from Satakunta, group exhibition, Suomenlinna Helsinki and Rauma Art Museum, Rauma

2009 "Kokoelma ja Kutsu"- exhibition Lönnström Art museum, Rauma

2009 "Finnish jewellery 1600-2009" Designmuseum, Helsinki

2010 "Koko Kuva" Arte ry. 50-years jubilee exhibition, Wäinö Aaltonen museum, Turku

2011 "Back Yard" Sculpture Garden. Hanko





1970 International Exhibiton of Jewellery, Wien, Austria

1971 International Exhibition of Jewellery,Munchen Bundesrepublik Deutschland

1974 "The First World Crafts Exhibition", Art Center of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

1975 "The Harris Art Festival", England

1975 The Finnish Association of Applied Arts, travelling exhibition: Warsaw, Zagreb, Belgrad, Lyon and Budapest

1976 The Finnish Association of Applied Arts, travelling exhibition: Linz, Prague, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago

1977 The Finnish Association of Applied Arts, Antwerpen, Belgium 

1979 "New Finnish Design", Ornamo, Fredrikshavn, Denmark

1979 The Finnish Association of Applied Arts, travelling exhibition: Oslo, Bergen, Tronheim, Norwey; Reykjavik, Iceland, Ankara, Turkey

1982 The Finnish Association of Applied Arts, travelling exhibition: Beirut, Libanon; Amman Jordan; Oslo, Bergen, Norwey; Göteborg, Sweden;           Aarhus, Denmark

1982 "Applied Art from Scandinavia", Kanazawa, Japan

1983 Reykjavik, Iceland; Västerås, Sweden

1983 The Finnish Association of Applied Arts, Design Center, Malmö, Sweden

1984 Rauma Artists' Association, Kolpino, Soviet Union

1986 "Daydreaming in Finland", Ornamo exhibiton of Applied Arts, Fredrikshavn, Denmark

1986 "Inspirations Finlandaises", The Finnish Association of Applied Arts, travelling exhibition, Tirana, Bukarest, Athens, Ankara

1987 "Zeitgenössisches deutsches und finnisches Kunsthandwerk", 4. Triennale, Museum für Kunsthantwerk, Frankfurt am Main,                

          Bundesrepublik Deutschland

1987 "Schmuckszene '87", München, Bundesrepublik Deutschland

1987 "25 x Junger Schmuck International", Galerie Kunsthantwerk, West Berlin (and Hamburg; Mainz), Bundesrepublik Deutschland

1987 International Exhibiton of Jewellery, Celje, Yugoslavia

1988 "Zeitgenössisches deutsches und finnisches Kunsthandwerk", 4.Triennale, Kestner Museum, Hannover, Bundesrepublik

          Deutschland1988 International Exhibiton of Applied Arts, Oreshak, Bulgaria 

1988 "New Form from Finland", Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburg, Englanti

1989 "Inspirations Finlandaises", Kuala Lumpur, India (and Malesia; Ahmedabad; New Delhi)

1990 "Finnish Design and Architecture", exhibition of the Finnish Association of Applied Arts, Madrid, Spain (and Gijon, Bilbao, Barcelona)

1990 "Ars Sonora", I Festival International de Radio Art, Radio National de Espana, Radio 2, Spain

1990 Triennale Européene du Bijou, Paris, France

1990 Triennale Europeéne du Bijou, Palais Luxembourg, Paris France

1991 Ars Sonora, Il Festival International de Radio Art, Radio National de Espana, Radio 2, Spain

1992 Triennale Européenne du Bijou, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France

1993 Design et Industrie, la Diversité Finlandaise. Villeurbane, France

1994 The Name of the Game, Vízivárosi-Galéria, Budapest, Hungary 

1994 10+10, Swedish and Finnish Applied Art, Västerås Art Museum,Västerås, Sweden

1995 Design Finlandais, Nizza, Contemporary Art Museum, France

1995 Outpost Biennale, visiting card venue, Venice, Italy

1996 Bijoux Contemporains en Images, Cagnes sur Mer, France

1997 "Finnish jewellery" Gallery Hipotese, Barcelona, Spain 

1997 Sculptur exhibition with Pori artists in Valencia, Spain

2000 Sculptures in "Euro-Fire Land of Liege" exhibition, Liège Belgium

2000 "Ego Adorned", 20 th Centure Artists´Jewellery, Koningin Fabiolazaal, Antwerpen

2001 Galleria Stolker, sculptures, Enschede, Holland

2001 "The Ring", Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA and SOFA in New York and Chigaco

2001 Charles.A Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, Wisconsin 

2002 "Jewelry in Paintign" Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA,2002 "The ring" Colorado Springs Art Center, Colorado USA 

2002 University of Texas, El Paso, Texas USA 

2003 Ruthin Craft Center in Wales, England

2008 Design contemporain finlandais, promenons-nous dan le bois Musée les Arts Décoratifs, Paris

2011 "Racconti dal Nord" Castel del Ovo, Napoli, Italy

2013 "Beyond Precious....Beyond Time", Hélène Azize Galerie, Paris.




Several sholarships from Finland State, Finnish Kulturfund and Uusimaa, Turku and Pori county treasury. Helsinki town, and Foundation of Greta and William Lehtinen sholarship. Wärtsilä and Ornamo grants

1978 Finland's State artist grants for half year1990 Tuuli award from Turku and Pori province

1991-93 Finland's State artist grants for tree years

1992 Finland's State award of applied art

1995 Newspaper Länsi-Suomi artmedal

1999- Finland's State artist grants for five years

2002 Rauma town 560 year jubilee culture medal 

2004 Rauma town culture prize

2004 Artist of the year, grant by Ornamo ry.

2006- State Artist Pension





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2015 Can You roll silver, miss Minkkinen? Parvs Publishing, Helsinki ISBN 978-952-5654-75-2WORKING ABROAD

1987 and 1997 Cite´internationale des Arts, Paris

1990 Finnish Foundation for Visual Arts, New York

1993 1998 and 2012 The Association of Finnland atelje in Grassina, Italy

1997 The Association of Finnland atelje in Marbella, Spain

2001 Finnish Institut Villa Lante, Roma, Italy

2008 Finnish Cultur Centrum Villa Karo, Grand Popo,Benin

2009 Circolo Skandinavo, Cultur Centrum, Roma, Italy

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