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Kirsti Taiviola






Glass is a fascinating material that can be used to modify immaterial light. I work a lot with reflections of light, which I utilize both in my design work and artistic projects. I have been developing a technique of producing textured glass lenses, which I use to project different reflections. The technique is the basis for a large part of my work.

Transparency and optics of glass inspire me. I like to work with clear glass because transparency gives the material a very immaterial character and a special relationship to light. When working with glass, I often feel that I’m actually working with light as the shape of a transparent object becomes perceivable through the reflections and shine of the object’s surface. I like to use glass in diverse ways and use it’s material qualities and aesthetics in projects varying from jewellery scale to architectural scale projects.


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Kirsti Taiviola
Designer, MA
Plazankuja 5 A 9, 00580 Helsinki, Finland
+358 (0)40 700 85 43


2001      Master of Arts, University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Department of Ceramics and Glass
1998-99 Danish Design School, Nordplus -student exchange, Institute of Product Design/Ceramics and Glass, Copenhagen, Denmark
1995      Matriculation examination, Helsinki Visual Arts High School



Senior lecturer; Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Design; Helsinki, Finland



Senior lecturer, (Product Design); University of Art and Design; Degree Program of Ceramics and Glass Design; Helsinki, Finland



Lecturer; University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Degree Program of Ceramics and Glass Design; Helsinki, Finland



Founder, freelance designer & managing director: SULA Design, Helsinki, Finland



Personal assistant to artist Raija Siikamäki; assembling a public art piece in Arabianranta, Helsinki, Finland



Research assistant, KIMOKELA - The Utilization of End-of-Life Cathode Ray Tube Glass in the Ceramic and Glass Industry;

University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland



Designer, designing new tableware products in ceramics; Masters Craft Co, Gifu, Japan & Miyama Co, Ltd., Gifu, Japan


2001, 00 & 99

Designer/craftsman, ia blowing & assisting in studio glass production & designing the collections; Inferno Glassworks, Bornholm, Denmark



Youth leader at textile workshops; Helsinki Youth Center, Helsinki, Finland





“Jeunes designers: Kirsti Taiviola”, Glass design 7.11. -15.12.07, Institut Finlandais, Paris, France



“Designer of the Month”, Glass design & jewellery, 11.1. -14.2.07, Design Forum Shop & Design Shop at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki, Finland



”Light Shapes”, Glass Art & Light Installations, Design Center Langenthal, Langenthal, Switzerland



”Heijastuksia – Reflexionen”, Glass Art & Light installations, Galerie im Werkstatt-Laden, Winterthur, Switzerland



“Heijastuksia - Reflections”, Graduation exhibition, Department of Ceramics and Glass, University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Helsinki, Finland




”Licht & Schattenz, Finnish lighting designs.

GET Nord 2014 - Trade fair for Electrical Engineering, Sanitation, Heating and Air-Conditioning. 20.–22.11.2014 Hamburg, Germany


”European Glass Experience”, contemporary glass art, 29.7.-15.11.2014, Fundación Centro Nacional del Vidrio – Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja, Spain / 28.3.-8.6.2014, Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki / 13.12.14-22.2.2015 Museum of Glass, Marinha Grande, Portugal


”Nordic Lights – Phillips after 5”, Design lamps, The Phillips Collection, 6.2.2014, Washington, DC, U.S.A



”Glass Design from Finland – Land of Forests and Lakes”, 21.11.-20.1.2013 Suntory Museum of Art, Japan

”Die finnische Dunkelheit oder wie gestaltet man Licht”, Finnish lighting designs, 22.11.-7.12.2012 Lessingbad, Germany

”Design Colours Life – Contemporary Finnish Design and Marimekko” 26.10.-4.11.2012 Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Shanghai, China

”The Spirit of the Material”, contemporary glass art from Finland and China, 12.10.-24.10.2012 White Box Museum of Art, Beijing, China

”Everyday Discoveries” Miniature World Expo on Design, Suvilahti , 9.-16.9.2012, Helsinki
”Pyhäniemi 2012”, contemporary art & design; 30.6.-14.8.2012 Pyhäniemi Manor, Hollola, Finland
”Glass etc. – From Carafe to Cardboard”, Finnish contemporary design; 1.6.-23.9.2012 The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland



”Finnische Dunkelheit”, exhibition of Finnish contemporary lighting design; 13.9.-28.10.2011 Felleshuis, Berlin, Germany
”LUX CRAFT”, juried exhibition of contemporary lighting that combines craft techniques with latest lighting technology; Origin: The Contemporary Crafts Fair, Spitalfields Market; 21.9.-28.9.; London, U.K.

”Taiviola & Isopahkala”, lighting design of K. Taiviola & M. Isopahkala; Salone Satellite, Milan Fairgrounds, Rho (Milan), 12.-17.4.2011, Italy



”Glass Design Update”, Contemporary Finnish Glass Design, 29.10.-8.11.09 Living Design Center Ozone, Tokyo, June 2010 Musashino Art University, Tokyo & July 2010 Nagoya Design Center, Japan


2009, a digital showcase of contemporary creators from Finland



”pro.KORU II 2007, Exhibition of Finnish contemporary jewelry. Juried by Kirsti Doukas, 1.9.-30.9.2007, Täky-Galleria, Lappeenranta, Finland, 4.4.-10.5.2008. Galleria Iron Inc. Copenhagen, Denmark



”Philadelphia Museum of Art Crafts Show”, 2.11.-5.11. Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, U.S.A



“L'art du Verre Finlandais 2000–2005”, Contemporary Finnish Glass Art; Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia 1.2.2008
The Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Istanbul, Turkey, 13.9.–12.11.2007
The National Museum, Wroclaw, Poland, 20.2.–18.3.2007
Stichting Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam, Netherlands, 21.10.2006–14.1.2007
Musée du verre Carmaux, France, 10.5.–30.9.2006
Conseil Général de Meurthe et Moselle, Nancy, France, 10.3. –7.4.2006



“Inform – A Manifesto of Industrial Art”, Statements of Finnish Designers & Crafts People, Design Forum Finland, Helsinki, Finland

Selection from the exhibition “Nuorten Forum 04 - Young Forum”, Kajaani Art Museum, Kajaani, Finland



Selection from the exhibition “Nuorten Forum 04 - Young Forum”, Finland Café, Finnish Tourist Board, Aobadai, Maguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

”Blickfang’04”, Jewelry & Design Fair, Zürich, Switzerland

”Finnish Ceramics & Glass Design”, Academy of Art & Design of Tsinghua University, China & Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramics Museum, China
”The Art of Analyste”, Art from young Finnish Artists, Sanomatalo, Helsinki



“Paisatges. Vidre de Finlandia i Espanya”, Glass Art Exhibition of Finnish and Spanish glass artists, Espai Vidre, Fundació Cenre del Vidre de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain





”The Nordic Effect – Finland, Views on Clay”, 28.3-17.5.2013 National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland
“Ornamon teosmyyntinäyttely 2013”, Art & Unique pieces by members of Ornamo,15.3.-24.3.2013, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki



”Sculpted Light”, lighting designs by Taiviola & Isopahkala, 9.12.-31.12.2012 Highlight Valaistus galleria, Helsinki
”Design Migration 10+ - Views on Clay” 13.10.-28.10.2012 Design Gallery 12, Design Museum, Helsinki



”(im)materia”, glass & jewelry exhibition with artist Janne Hirvonen; Galleria Johan S.; 23.2.-13.3.2011; Helsinki. Finland



”Erfinden”, exhibition of art works created in Kahla Kreativ –porcelain workshop; 27.11.2010-16.1.2011, Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Leipzig, Germany



"Suomen lasi elää – Finnish Glass Lives", Contemporary Finnish Glass Art, 5.3.–1.8.2010 Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland



“SOMEDEMOS”. Exhibition of Young Finnish Designers organized by Design Migration Association, 9.9.-13.9.09 Habitare-fair & 10.9.-25.10.09

Design Forum Finland, Helsinki
“I-DECO”, Decoration and Design –fair, 5-9.3.2009 Istanbul, Turkey



”ESINE HOME”, Exhibition of Young Finnish Designers organized by Design Migration Association, Salone Satellite, 16.-21.4.2008, Milan, Italy & Design Forum Finland 12.9.- 5.9.08. Helsinki, Finland
”Ornamon teosmyyntinäyttely”, Contemporary Finnish Arts & Crafts, 2.2.–13.2.2008, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland



”7x10: Lasi”, Exhibition of Finnish Glass Design, 26.10.2007 - 16.11.2007, Galleri Campus, Turku, Finland



“Bijoux de Noël”, jewellery, Galleria Johan S. 28.11.–17.12.2006, Helsinki, Finland
”Empty Bowl”, Exhibition of bowls donated to Empty Bowls-project, 15.9–28.9. Galleria Norsu, Helsinki



"Suomen lasi elää – Finnish Glass Lives", Contemporary Finnish Glass Art, Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland
”Designersblock Milan”, Design Exhibition with TOKKA group



“Nuorten Forum 04 - Young Forum”, Design projects of young Finnish designers, Design Forum, Helsinki, Finland



”A.W. Finchin jälkeläiset - suomalaisen keramiikan vuosisata”, 100 Years of Finnish Ceramics, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
“Lasifantasia”, Glass Art from young Finnish glass artists, Iittala Glass Centre, Iittala, Finland
“Talente 2003”, Exhibition of promising young design talents, International Trade Fair, Munich, Germany
”Lasihelmiä”, Glass Art Exhibition, The Craft Museum of Finland, Jyväskylä, Finland



”The Ceramic Design Exchange”, Finnish Ceramic Design Exhibition, IdcN Design Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
“Toinen maa”, Exhibition of three individual artists working on a same theme with different materials, Viljamakasiini, Ruovesi, Finland



Ceramic Design Exhibition from The University of Art and Design, Takumi Studio, Active G, Gifu, Japan
“The Nordic Graduate Show”, Glass Art Exhibition, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark





L. Karvonen, Y. Chen, A. Säynätjoki, K. Taiviola, A. Tervonen, S. Honkanen: SERS-active silver nanoparticle aggregates produced in high-iron float glass by ion exchange process. Optical Materials. 19.6.2011



Raija Siikamäki & Kirsti Leppänen: KIMOKELA – Kierrätetty monitorilasi keramiikka- ja lasiteollisuuden raaka-aineeksi. (The Utilization of End-of-Life Cathode Ray Tube Glass in the Ceramic and Glass Industry) End Report. Keramiikka- ja lasitaiteen koulutusohjelman tutkimusohjelman tutkimusjulkaisuja NO. 1, 2003, University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Helsinki, Finland





Ceremonial chains and their packaging for the Deans of six different Schools of Aalto University.



Designing & producing a printed fabric and costumes for The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra for a concert in The Republic of Benin, West Africa. The Fabric was printed in Ghana and the costumes sewn in Ghana & Benin




AVEK: Crea Demo –grant for developing glass blowing method used in lighting design

Kalevala Koru Cultural Foundation: attending Pyhäniemi 2012 -exhibition

The Finnish Cultural Foundation / Uusimaa Regional Fund: attending Design Migration 10+ -exhibition
The Finnish Cultural Foundation, The University of Art & Design Foundation & Design Council of Finland: grants for attending Spirit of the Material –exhibition in Beijing, China



FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange: grants for attending Spirit of the Material –exhibition in Beijing, China
Design Council of Finland: travel grant for attending Lux CRAFT-exhibition in London, UK
Finnish Cultural Foundation: artist grant
Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region: grant for arranging ”(im)materia” -exhibition in Galleria Johan S. in Helsinki
Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland: grant for arranging ”(im)materia” -exhibition in Galleria Johan S. in Helsinki

Finnish Cultural Foundation: grant for arranging a lighting exhibition at Salone Satellite fair in Milan



Design Council of Finland: grant for attending Kahla Kreativ workshop in Kahla, Germany



Design Council of Finland: grant for designing a lighting collection



Design Council of Finland: grant for designing a collection



Design Council of Finland: grant for attending Blickfang’04 jewelry, fashion & design fair in Zürich,



Finnish Cultural Foundation: grant for starting a Glass and Ceramic Workshop
Design Council of Finland: grant for starting a Glass and Ceramic Workshop



Alfred Kordelin Foundation: Grant for Designing a Collection





Les Amis de la Villa Karo, working scolarship for the Finnish-African cultural centre in Grand-Popo in Benin in 2008



UIAH, Scholarship for excellent diploma work, Helsinki, Finland



Nordplus, Scholarship for studies in Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen, Denmark
Scholarship for attending Crystal Design Workshop and Competition in Colle val d’Elsa, Italy,
Instituto Europeo di Design Milano, Italy



Scholarship for attending Ceramic Design Workshop and Competition in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, ICEP, Portugal





1st prize in the design competition of the Ceremonial chains for the Deans of Aalto University.



1st prize of Finnish participants in ceramics design contest "Young Designer’s Award´97", Lisbon, Portugal





“Erfinden - Kahla Kreativ”, 5th international porcelain workshop at Kahla Porzellan Gmbh, Kahla, Germany



Crystal Design Workshop and Competition, Colle val d’Elsa, Italy



Ceramic Design Workshop and Competition, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal




The Finnish State Art Collection
The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland
The Ceramic Museum of Grimmerhus, Middelfart, Denmark
Royal Scandinavia Kunstforening, Copenhagen, Denmark
Finnish Foreign Ministry: The Finnish Embassies in Berlin, Seoul & Washington D.C.
Private collections in Finland, China, Switzerland, Denmark & U.S.A.





“African Symphony”, a 1 hour documentary about the preparations for & the concert of The Finnish National Symphony Orchestra in The Republic of Benin, West Africa, First shown on Yle Teema 4.4.2010, Director: Jenni Nyberg; Production YLE Kulttuuri 2010



K-Reppu: “Afrikan Helmiä”, 15min. film about Taiviola’s jewellery design process that starts from research about the traditions & making of African glass beads in Ghana & Benin, Yle TV1, Director: Jenni Linko



Numerous articles about Taiviola’s design & ar in International & Finnish magazines, books & newspapers from 2001 to 2013 (Elle Deco, Mondo arc*, Wohnrevue, Designhome, Millionaire, Avotakka, Deko, Glorian koti, Gloria, Deko, Divaani, Aarre; LUX, Finnish Design Yearbook;
Helsingin Sanomat, Glass Trends 2013.)

Member of Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo since 2003
Chairman of GNU – Gräsan nuorten kannatusyhdistys ry since 2009, a supporter’s club founded to support Youth Center Gräsan kädentaitojen talo to advance the knowledge and interest of adolescents to crafts.

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