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Outi Turpeinen





Outi Turpeinen (b. 1971) is a visual artist and designer who has had exhibitions both in Finland and abroad since 1990. She works mainly with spatial installations, where themes often concentrate on museum problematics and our past. She works with various techniques depending on the project, for example glass blowing, sol screen printing on glass as well as videos and sound art.


Turpeinen completed her Masters of Arts degree in 1998 and defended her Doctor of Arts thesis in 2005 at the University of Art and Design Helsinki/Aalto University.


Lately she has been working with public art projects both as an artist and designer, but also as a consultant.


The Finnish State and Vantaa City, for example, have her works in their public collections. She has received grants from several funds and currently teaches in Aalto University, Helsinki Finland.


Finnish artist and designers association Ornamo awarded her with The Artist of the Year title in 2012.







Outi Turpeinen

born 1971 in Vihti, Finland

tel: +358-40-5387079






1999-2005 Doctor of Arts, Department of Visual Culture, University of Art and Design UIAH, Helsinki, Finland (now Aalto University)

1992-1998 MA, Masters of Arts diploma, UIAH, Helsinki, Finland

1997 Glass studies in G. Rietveld Academy school of Art and Design, Amsterdam, Holland

1991-1992 Foundation course in art and design in York College of Further and Higher Education, England

1990-1991 Painting and drawing in Windsor Arts Center, England





2013 Future museum, Designmuseum, Helsinki

2013 A curiosity cabinet called TRAVEL BABY in Dostoevski Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

2011 Soloexhibition in Designarkivet, Nybro, Sweden

2011 Soloexhibition in Galleria Johann S. Helsinki

2011 En busca de mi hogar interior, Finnish Culture Institute Gallery, Madrid

2009 Drawings and paintings of a man, Restaurant Linnoituksen Krouvi >>>

2007 Artist of the month in May

2007 >>>

2005 “Vitriini-installaatio”, Galleria Atski, Taik

2004 “Longing for faraway places”, Gallery AMA, Turku, Finland (

2003 “A British Noblewoman’s Collection from 19th century India”, A Fictive museum installation, Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma,            Helsinki, Finland

1998 Museumfiction: ” Exhibition on objects in museum world: Searching after mystery”,Glass objects in glass cases, Natural History Museum, Helsinki, Finland

1997 “Lennossa”, drawings, Ravintola Kasvis, Helsinki, Finland

1997 “Archaeological Findings”, Glass objects, Reibach gallery, Amsterdam, Holland

1996 Glass and paintings, “Laskettu aika”-travelling exhibition in:University Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

         District Hospital, Tammisaari, FinlandHealth Centre, Tuusula, Finland





2015 “Wunderkammer” Huuto galleria, Helsinki

2015 “Symposium Metall in textilen Techniken verarbeitet”, Ulm, Germany2015 “Finnish Glass Lives V”, Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki

2014 International Glass Biennale, Shanghai

2014 2D-glass exhibition, Riga, Pärnu, Mona estonia

2014 GLAS Nordic House, Faroe Island 

2013 Pyhäniemi mansion, Lahti region, Finland

2013 Art4, Ahjo gallery, Joensuu, Finland

2012 Spirit of material, White box museum of art, 798 art district, Beijing

2012 Muisku!, South Carelia Art Museum, Finland

2012 Why Gather, Culture Museum, Helsinki, Finland

2012 Pares i Filles, Casa Elizalde, Barcelona

2012 Designers 2012 VIRKA gallery, Helsinki and TR1 Tampere, Finland

2011 Pares i Filles, Galleria Pihatto, Lappeenranta Finland

2010 Creative airport, LATU-project, Lappeenranta Airport

2010 Rejmyre Glass Museum ja Transparency & Mediation workshop, Sweden

2010 ”Take away”, Galleria Johann S, Helsinki2010 ”Ars Sipppola”, Kouvola

2010 “Finnish Glass Lives VI”, Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki

2010 The Power of Everyday Life, Gallen-Kallela Museum >>>, Espoo

2009 OTTO/Artists O, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

2009 “My North”, Galleria Rantakasarmi, Viapori, Helsinki, Nordic Art Union

2008 OTTO exhibtion in Vantaa Art Museum

2007 “KOODI A4” in Vantaa Art Museum2006 Museo!Museo, Oulu Art Museum

2006 “Art market PIKASSO” happening in Aöbertinkatu 29, Helsinki

2006 “KOODI A4″ Lappeenranta and Rovaniemi Art Museum2005 “Finnish Glass lives IV, Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki

2005 “Contemporary Crafts” Röda Sten, Göteborg, Sweden

2005 “Silmät auki”, Vantaan taiteilijaseuran näyttely, Vantaan taidemuseo

2004 “Pilgrim”, Vadstena Castle, Sweden2004 “Love”, Jyväskylä Craft Museum, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Finland

2004 “Vantaa Artists 10th years summer exhibition” Gallery Gjytars, Vantaa, Finland

2004 “Animal summer exhibition” only in web gallery AMA

2003 “Virtaa”, Porvoo Art Factory, Finland2003 “Säilytin”, Jyväskylä Craft Museum, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Finland

2002 “Young and Hot. Emerging European Glass Artists”, GAS-conference, Amsterdam, Holland

2001 “Rethink”, Wäxthuset, Helsinki, Finland

2001 “Aikaviila”, Vantaa Art Museum, Finland

2000 “Imprisoned setting”, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland-Vanhan Meijerin Galleria, Pukkila, Finland-Willatehtaan teatterin Studio,                   Hyvinkää, Finland

2000 “Art of glassstudents”, Goodman gallery, Portsmouth, Virginia, USA

2000 “Finnish glass lives 4″, Finnish Glassmuseum, Riihimäki

1998 Museum fiction, glass, “Me, myself and I”, Galleria Taik, Helsinki, Finland

1998 Glass-branch installation in the church of St. Lauri, Vantaa, Finland

1995 Glass multimedia, “59th International Handcraftsfare”, Firenze, Italy

1995 Glass installation, “Suuntana oma napa”, The wintergarden of Tampere Culture House, Finland

1994-1995 Glassware, “Itse tuoppini jäljet mä tunnen”-travelling exhibition in: Alko in Kamppi and SYP in Fabianinkatu, Helsinki,        

                  Finland; Häme Polytechnic Fredrika Wetterhoff Institute of crafts, Hämeenlinna, Finland

1995 “Finnish Glass lives 3″, Riihimäki glassmuseum, Finland





Finnish State Art CollectionVantaa Art MuseumAlkoLuumäki Commun





2011  Exhibition costs to Barcelona and Peking, FRAME

2011 Travel grant to Barcelona and Peking, Arts Council of Finland

2010 Exhibition grant, Majaoja säätiö

2010 Publication grant, Arts Council of Finland

2009 Community art project in Luumäki, The foundation for Karelian culture

2008 Serigrafy on glass-design project, Arts Council of Finland

2006 Group grant for CODE A4 exhibition, Wihuri Foundation

2006 Group grant for CODE A4 exhibition Uudenmaan maakuntarahasto

2005 Travel grant, Sleipner, Nifca

2004 Group grant for CODE A4 exhibition, Arts Council of Finland

2003 Exhibition grant, UIAH

2002 Artists in residence in Ålands Konstnäratelier, Kökar, Finland

2001 Studio rent-grant, Helsinki city, Finland

2001 Exhibition grant, UIAH

2000 Studio rent-grant, Helsinki city, Finland

2000 Artists grant, Vantaa city, Finland

2000 Group grant for “Aikaviila”-exhibition, VISEK

1998 Exhibition grant, UIAH

1998 Travel grant for Scotland, UIAH

1997 Erasmus grant, UIAH

1996 Exhibition grant, Tuusula city, Finland

1996 Illustration grant for “Tähtiväärennös” childrens book , Finland´s Association of Literature

1995 Travel grant to Italy, Finland´s Ministry of Education

1995 Group exhibition funded by UIAH and Tampere Culture House

1995 Glass study project, UIAH

1994 Studio space, Keraco, Helsinki, Finland





2014-Member, Finnish State Art Collection, Finnish National Gallery

2014-Regional artist, Arts Promotion Centre Finland

2013 Member of board, Artists O, Ornamo

2012- Member of advisory board, South Carelia Institute, LUT

2010&2011 Exhibition design for South Carelia Museum, Lappeenranta

2011 Exhibition design for Kotkaniemi Museum, Luumäki

2010 Set Design for Karelia in Lappeenranta Fort Theatre for Art School Estradi

2009-Exhibition design for Artist´s O in Madrid, South-Carelia Museum etc.

2009- Teaching in South Karelia Open university and Univeristy of Art and Design, Helsinki

2008-2009 Image editor for the Finnish Design book series, WSOY publicing company

2006-Lecturer, University of Art and Design

2006Planning ”Design semiotics” web course for University of Art and Design& International Institute of Semiotics

2006   Interior design for restaurant Tavern of the fort in Lappeenranta

2006- Organizing changing exhibitions in Tavern of the fort in Lappeenranta

2005 “Kitchen Open” competition by Ornamo, member of jury

2004 Position of trust: Member of the board (Finnish Association of Designer/Makers)

2003 “Fictive museum” workshops in Kiasma for various age groups

2003 Unique glass goblets for “Alko’s Values” campaign

2003- Lecturer in museums, universities, societies etc.

2002 Jurying and exhibition design of the summer exhibition of Kerava Artists, Finland

2002-2003 Glass blowing, Hytti ry Glass studio, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

1999-2006 Researcher, Department of Visual Culture, UIAH

1999-2007 Research group “The meaning of form”, UIAH

1998-2005 Own studio “Taideverstas Viilatehdas”, Helsinki, Finland

1997- 2000 Freelance decorations/installations1998 Glass research assistant for Raija Siikamäki, UIAH

1997-1998 Organizer and artistic manager for R&B stage, Pori Jazz, Finland

1997-1998 Student member in the valuation committee and management group of the Department of Ceramics and Glass, UIAH

1997 Glassblower, “The houten hut” Glass manifestation, Leerdam, Holland

1997 Glassblowing assistent for Riikka Latva-Somppi, Hytti Ry, Finland





2014 Public art with relatives and psychiatric patients (Julkista taidetta omaisten ja psykiatristen potilaiden kanssa)

2014 ‘Creating a new city centre with craft-based public art’, Craft Research 5: 2, pp. 231–246, doi: 10.1386/crre.5.2.231_1

2014 Artist supporting codesign T(aiteilijat palvelumuotoilun tukena), Tietoasiantuntijat 2/2014

2014 Art of building (Rakentamisen taidetta), Ornamo lehti 4/2014

 2012 Together or seperataly (Yhdessä vai erikseen) Museo magazine 2/2012

2012 ”Combining art and design education with the cultural heritage” Cumulus conference, Helsinki

2011 Editing exhibition catalogues for Linné and Aalto universities

2010 Research article in Gallen-Kallela museum & Maahenki publication Arjen voima

009 ”Contemporary interpretation on Virgin Mary”, critigue in Museo 2/2009

2008 “Revisited Pompei”, OTTO exhibition catalogue, Vantaa Art Museum and Ornamo

2006 “The interplay of art and research” in  Mäkelä Maarit and Routarinne Sara “The art of research”. Research practices in art and design”. University of Art and Design. Helsinki.

2006” Recombining ideas from art and cultural history museums in theory and practice” Nordisk museology 2/2006

Turpeinen, Outi & Vihma, Susann (eds.) (2005). Proceedings from the seminar on Signification, Usability, and Interaction in DESIGN. University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland 1-2.12. 2004.2005 “Nykytaide vierailulla kulttuurihistoriallisessa museossa”. Ed by. Levanto, Naukkarinen, Vihma: “Taiteistuminen”, University of Art and Design, Helsinki

2005 “Merkityksellinen museoesine. Visuaalinen kriittisyys kulttuurihistoriallisen museon näyttelysuunnittelussa”, University of Art and Design, Helsinki

2005 “Researching the visual qualities of exhibition design through experimental and cross-disciplinary methods” In the making, conference proceedings, Copenhagen

2003 “Vallan estetiikkaa raottamassa – Länsimaisuus 1700-1800-luvun luonnontieteellisissä piirroksissa”,

2001 “Changing meanings in museum objects”, Material and ideal conference paper, The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki

2001 “Museoesineiden muuttuvat merkitykset” -article, Working papers F16, UIAH

2000 “Mitä museaalisuus on?” (What is museality?)-article, Working papers F 8, UIAH

1999 “Taiteilijat kommentoivat museomaailmaa” (Artists commenting on the museumworld), -article, Museo 3/1999

1996 Illustration for “Tähtiväärennös” childrens book by Tiia Oksa ja Leena Tähtinen, URSA, Finland


Public presentations

2015 “Experimental exhibition design” Hermitage museum, St Petersburg 2.12.2015

2015 Public art, South-Carelia county seminar, Lappeenranta 14.1.2015

2015 Public art on the road, Kouvola-Kotka 26.5.2015

2015 Creating better environment with public art, Monumental art workshop, Saimia, Imatra 3.6.2015

2014 Public art, Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum, Imatra 13.11.2014

2014 Public art in Finland, Grand Lasnamäe, KUMU art museum, Tallinn, Estonia 24.9.2014

2013 Public art, Out and about seminar, Tallinn, Estonia 6/2013

2013 Future museum concept, Other stories seminar, Designmuseum, Helsinki

2012 ”Combining art and design education with the cultural heritage” Cumulus conference, Helsinki

2012 Lectures in Cafa and Luxun art universities, Peking and Dalian, China

2012 Lecture and workshop in Taikalamppy seminra, Kotka, Finland

2010 Discussion in Kiasma with Jussi Kivi and Veli Granö about “Collection madness”, KIASMA

2009 ”Changing meanings in museums” The winter school of Semiotics, Imatra 31.1.2009

2009 ”Hovin henki” Lappeenranta summer university 6.4.2009

2009 ”Contemporary jewellery artists inCulture Museum” Museum of Cultures, Helsinki 9.5.2009


2008 ”Interplay of art and research” Bauhaus university, Weimar, Saksa 2.10.2008

2008 ”Fixed meanings of a vitrine”, ”Creative space” seminaari, Umeå, Ruotsi 14.12.2008

2008 ”3 tulkintaa Pompeista”, Estetiikan seuran seminaari, Taideteollinen korkeakoulu, Helsinki

2007 ”Pölyä aarrearkussa. Näyttelysuunnittelu tutkimuskohteena” (”Dust in the treasure chamber. Exhibition as research target”), Pori

          University of Art and Design, 24.1.2008

2007 ”Taiteilija katsoo museota” (”Artist examines the museum”), Ateneum Art Museum, TEEMA 07 seminar, 9.2.2007

2006 ”Museo maailmankuvan esittäjänä”,(”Museum, presenter of the world view”)Oulu Art Museum, 29.10.2006

2006 ”Kriittinen visuaalisuus näyttelysuunnittelussa” (”Critical visuality in exhibition design”), Turku University, Museology, 27.9.2006

2006 ”Pölyä aarrearkussa. Näyttelysuunnittelu tutkimuskohteena” (”Dust in the treasure chamber. Exhibition as research target”),    

          University of Art and Design, 18.9.2006

2006 ”Uuden lasitaiteen estetiikka” (”The aesthetics of new glass art”), Designmuseum, Helsinki, 9.5.2006

2006 ”Näyttelysuunnittelun tuottamat merkitykset” (”The meanings produced by exhibition design”), Näyttelyn olemus-seminar,

          Turku Castle, 8.5.2006

2006 ”The interplay of artistic and cultural history elements in exhibition design”,Seminar about the visual elements and meanings in the

          historical exhibitions, Helsingin kaupunginmuseo 6.2.2006

2005 “The interplay of artistic and research factors” Combining art and design practices with research- seminaari, University of Art and

          Design, 12.9.2005

2005 “Researching the Visual Qualities of Exhibition Design through Experimental and Cross-Disciplinary Methods”,

          In the making-konference, Copenhagen, 30-31.5.2005

2005 ”Installaatiot koetiloina” (”Installations as test spaces”) Tutkija toimijana, taiteilija teoreetikkona? – seminar, Finnish Aesthetics

          society University of Art and Design 18.-19.2.2005

2005 ”Identity and turism”, Contemporary craft-exhibition public debate, Göteborg 10.9.2005

2005 “User laboratory as a test space for visitor interpretation”, Nordcode- seminaari 19.5.2005

2004 ”Installations as test spaces” Koht ja paik-konference, Tallinn and Tartu

2004  Nordcode-seminar, Copenhagen

2004 ”Taiteellinen työskentely” (”Artistic work”), Finnish Tiffany ry

2003 ”Taiteilija tapaaminen” (”Meet the artist”), Kiasma

2003  Nordcode-seminar, Helsinki

2003  Artist talk, Taiko/Ornamo, National Museum of Finland

2002  Nordcode-seminaari, Göteborg

2001 ”Changing meanings in museum objects” Material and ideal seminaari, Finnish National Museum

2001 ”Artistc research” public lecture, Designmuseum, Helsinki





Austria, China, Denmark, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Mali, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, USA





Aamulehti 9.9.1995, Arttu 1999, 4/2001, Anna 15.3.2007, Espanjan Sanomat 3/2011 Etelä-Saimaa 4.3.2006,13.6.2006, 8.5.2010, 2.6.2010, 24.6.2010, 20.8.2010, 7.9.2010, 16.9.2010, 19.3.2011, 4.4.2011, 23.08.2011, 25.3.2012, 20.5.2012 FCG-lehti 2/2012, GLORIA 1/2010, Glorian koti 6/2011, Glorian antiikki 4/2003, Helsingin Sanomat 5.6.1994, 23.5.1998, 19.11.1998, 25.3.2001, 27.9.2003, 27.11.2005, 26.9.2006, 8.5.2007, 2.4.2011 Hufvudstadsbladet 18.10.2003, 28.1.2006, 3.2.2006, 7.2.2006, Kainuun sanomat 24.1.2007, Kainuun Sanomat 24.1.2007 KALEVA 23.9.2006, 28.10.2006, 29.11.2003, KAS Valtion taidemuseon tiedotuslehti 2/2003, KeskiPohjanmaa 6.10.2006 Kiasman Tabloid 2003, Kiasma lehti 20/2003 vol. 6, Kouvolan Sanomat 1.8.2010, Kunsthantverk 4/2005, Lapin Kansa 27.10.2006, 5.11.2003, Luumäen lehti 3.6.2010, 24.2.2011, 13.10.2011, 2.2.2012 Muoto 4/2000, 4/2001, 2/2004, NYT 22.5.1998, 27.9.2003, Museo 1/2006 Taide 2/2001, Taide&Design 2/2011, 1/2012, Rumputus/KulttuuriOulu 5/2006 Turun Sanomat 7.4.2004, 14.4.2004, Vantaan Sanomat 25.3.2001, 12.10.2003, 9.2.2007, 1.9.2012 Vartti/Lappeenranta 22.8.2010, 1.9.2012, (11.2.2011), (16.2.2011), (18.2.2011)







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