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Pertti Metsälampi




Aspiration for simplicity is the guiding power of my work. Making things uncluttered takes a process of refining, all that is left is essential. Clean lines are beautiful and last a lifetime.


The years I worked with academician Tapio Wirkkala had a great impact on my work methods and production. It was in his design office where lines and shapes were approached with the precision of a sculptor—the virtue being bare essentiality.


Glass—melted sand, hot ice—can simultaneously be clear or translucent, coloured, colourless, light or heavy. In particular, I am fascinated by the three-dimensionality of thick glass with its depth creating an impression of a small vastness. The techniques are old, still one can always find something new. Glass is transformed into sculptures in the hands of the master glassblower.

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Pertti Metsälampi

born in 1945, Finland, Interior Architect SIO, 1970



Most important Interiors worked on:
The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, renewing the basic exhibition 2004
The Finnish National Opera, Helsinki
Mäntyniemi, the Official Residence of the President of the Republic of Finland

Free-lance Designs:
Furniture, Lamps and Fittings
Commercial and Art Glass

Environmental art:
“Human Factors”, Pfizer office, Helsinki 2004
“Latina”, “Hommage à Muybridge”, “Digi-Kalevala”,
Tikkurila High School, Vantaa 2002 (
“Kosmos”, Arabianranta, Helsinki 2007

Many Prices in Design Competitions.
Participated in several group and private Glass Exhibitions.
Granted by the Finnish Culture Foundation in 2000 and 2003
Ornamo Foundation Eeva and Maija Taimi’s Fund 2005

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