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Tii Heilimo




I consider my art very personal and at the same time universal, each sculpture comes right from my soul. They are expressions of my feelings, my obsession with the nature of human interaction in our world. Which is what I feel makes them accessible to all. I aim at the viewers softest spot, my softest spot - our fear to look deeply at what is happening around us.   


It is in this way I go against what is common and obvious in art-glass. I recognize the immense potentiality of the technique of pate-de-verre, and use my years of study to add voice to this medium. My desire is to produce sculptures of the highest meaning and quality,  pieces that invite you for a closer look.



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Tii Heilimo

Born 1960

Helsinki, Finland

+358- (0) 40-385-115



2011-2013 Glass blowing. Artesan.

Ikaalinen college of glass and design


2007-2011 Glass art and Interior glass. Artesan.

Ikaalinen college of glass and design





2015   Gallery norra dörren, Åland, Finland


2015   Gallery factory, Åland, Finland


2015   Finnish glass lives 7 , Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland


2014    Finnish Glass Museum. Riihimäki, Finland


2011    6th International glass art award.  Rheinbach, Germany

            ( 2nd prize and publik prize)


2010     Finnish glass lives 6 . Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland


2008     Glass fantasy .  Iitala, Finland


2005     Ferimart gallery .  Lovisa, Finland


1998     Daytona beach shore. City hall. U.S.A


1997     Daytona beach shore. City hall U.S.A


1996     Bal Harber . City hall U.S.A




Works in collection


One way ticket no1. Finnish Glass Museum 2014



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